Our production plant was inaugurated on June 15 2007 in La Bocana, on the Mulegé municipality located on the north region of the Baja California Sur state commonly called North Pacific Region. Our plant is staffed by qualified personnel in all the different process areas: abalone, lobster and different species of fish.

We strive to offer you products with the highest quality and freshness possible.

All the processes carried out in our plant for the variety of products we offer comply with the highest international norms of hygiene and food safety.

We have more than 70 production sets perfectly equipped with ice storage containers for the conservation and maintenance of the product from the moment of its capture until it's processed.

We work with an abalone reproduction lab that has been operating since 1987; once the abalone has been successfully reproduced it's moved to strategically planned zones where it can grow without problems.

For lobsters and conch (sea snail) we rigorously respect the fishing seasons established by law.

The plant consists of two lines specifically for processing marine products.

Processing Line 1. Canned products.

  • a) Reception lobby.
  • b) Shell removing and product washing area.
  • c) Packaging room equipped with the latest technology.
  • d) Automatized autoclave room.
  • e) Finished products storage room.

Processing Line 2. Live, fresh and frozen products.

  • a) Reception lobby.
  • b) Product selection area.
  • c) Packaging room.
  • d) Frozen products area.
  • e) Fish fillet area

Moreover, our plant is equipped with sophisticated frigorific equipment with plenty of storage capacity.

Freezer #1. 7 ton capacity.
Freezer #2. 7 ton capacity.
Freezer #3. 15 ton capacity.
Freezer #4. 30 ton capacity.