Progreso Co-Op, operating now in "La Bocana", was established on June 13, 1944 starting with 26 members in the San Ignacio region. The founders, all people from the region, initiated fishing activities by establishing camps in the area and it was until 1947 that "La Bocana" started to evolve into a small village. La Bocana started activities without a source of fresh water for its inhabitants; because of this the vital liquid had to be transported from the San Ignacio village in 200 lt containers in long and hard journeys.

At the beginning the Co-Op used "managers" for its administration and the board of administration was established in the San Ignacio village.

At first, Progreso Co-Op operations were focused on clams, and because World War II was in its peak, canned clams were on high demand by the US government to feed the troops. Fishermen were working in San Rafael, just between Asunción and La Bocana. When the war was over the Co-Op decided to stop its clam operations.

Abalone started to be captured at the beginning of the fifties, but at the time the fishery was being leased to Ernesto Ruffo who brought people to work on the abalone industry.

The co-op was in hand of private individuals who managed it as an enterprise until it "awoke" and saw the necessity of being managed for the benefit of the collectivity.

The first board of directors was formed by; Arnulfo Romero as president of the board of administration; Cruz Espinoza as secretary; Eugenio M. Gorosave as treasurer; Eulogio Redona Espinoza as president of the vigilance counsel; Arnulfo M. López as secretary and as a voting member Jeronimo Lopez.

Some of the first inhabitants of La Bocana, that arrived around the year 1964, were Néstor Murillo Gutiérrez , Isaac Leyva Valenzuela, Ramón Murillo Gutiérrez, Jesús Murillo Gutiérrez, Isidoro Piñuelas, José Liera Villavicencio and others, like Pedro Espinoza Arce who arrived in 1951.

The first seafood factory was founded in May of 1974; the IMSS family clinic, in november 1982; the Abalone cultivating lab on the 9th of October of 1986.